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You Choose Who Views. Social or Private Video?

Want mobile video that can be shared? Or, do you need private messaging and secure content delivery?

Add video to your mobile app with Aclipsa's streaming video platform.

Aclipsa makes it easy to add

video messaging to your mobile app.


Are You Ready for Video?

7.1 Billion mobile subscribers on phones and tablets today

#1 Growth category for mobile messaging and social apps

#2 Growth category for mobile business apps

Two-thirds of the world's mobile traffic will be video in 2018

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Why Video?

Video increases engagement, awareness and provides a strong connection to your audience.

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Features for Your App

✓  Create and send video messages

✓  Recall any video instantly

✓  See who viewed which videos

✓  Manage video delivery online

Send Video to One or Many

✓  Easy to integrate iOS & Android SDKs

✓  Scalable SaaS platform

✓  Secure and stable server API

✓  Cloud-based hosting

Add Video to Your Mobile App in 3 Easy Steps

1. Download the SDK

2. Integrate into your mobile app

3. Launch your updated app

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