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Ready for Video?

Easily add video messaging and content delivery to your iOS and Android apps.

You can now add video features in a day using the Aclipsa Video Platform.

Aclipsa makes it easy to add

video messaging to your mobile app.


Demand for Video

7.1 Billion mobile subscribers on phones and tablets today

#1 Growth category for mobile messaging and social apps

#2 Growth category for mobile business apps

Two-thirds of the world's mobile traffic will be video in 2018

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Why Video?

Video increases engagement, awareness and provides a strong connection to your audience.

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Features for Your App

✓  Create and send videos

✓  Recall any video instantly

✓  See who viewed which videos


Aclipsa Video Platform

✓  Manage video delivery online

✓  Scalable SaaS & cloud-based hosting

✓  Secure and stable server API


Add Video to Your Mobile App in 3 Easy Steps

1. Download the SDK

2. Integrate into your mobile app

3. Launch your updated app

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