The Aclipsa Video Platform delivers streaming video to iOS and Android mobile apps in a secure and protected environment. Aclipsa meets the needs of businesses for safe and private video delivery to one person or many people when videos are intended for training, information, entertainment, or messaging. With Aclipsa’s developed, tested, and scalable B2B solution, delivered video can’t be copied, forwarded, or stored.


In the mobile world, we are here to protect the delivery of your videos—so they can’t go viral. We are continually working to improve our video delivery platform to deliver ready-to-use and easy-to-implement solutions that stream secure video to mobile apps. The Aclipsa Video Platform combines software, apps, and an online management system to offer the ultimate control over viewership, visibility into who viewed which videos, and how much of each video was watched.


Aclipsa’s online video management platform makes it easy to manage video uploads and distribution. With Aclipsa, customers can schedule video distribution, set notifications, verify who watched how much of which videos, and remove any video from a user’s app at any time.

The Platform

The Aclipsa Video Platform offers a fast and easy way to incorporate video messaging and video delivery to mobile apps. Video transcoding ensures reliable streaming to a variety of devices operating with varying levels of connectivity. Stable cloud-based hosting provides 24/7 access to videos.

Our History

Founded in 2009 by Steve Michels, Aclipsa Mobile Video Solutions, LLC. is dedicated to developing services and products that protect the video of its customers. The Platform’s delivery and messaging options include secure or secure and encrypted video delivery to smartphones, tablets, and mobile devices.


Aclipsa’s platform and products are built on the foundation of privacy, security, and ease-of-use. All video communication between device apps and servers are secured with 128-bit AES SSL. All data on Aclipsa servers is protected with 256-bit AES encryption. Videos can also be streamed and stored in encrypted format to ensure recipients can’t store or share them from their own devices.

Case Studies

Aclipsa technology and software are utilized in private-label products for video messaging and video content distribution for proprietary training and communications.