Steve Michels

Steve Michels

Founder, Visionary, and Managing Partner

“What if we…”

That’s Steve’s mantra at Aclipsa and in his life. He drives change while looking to the future for solutions…long before most people see the need. His vision challenges and motivates the team.

Ask him: “How do you come up with your ideas?” You’ll find yourself in his “idea machine” of a mind drinking his favorite beverage.

Joe Michels

Joe Michels

Owner, Software Ops

“It’s definitely possible.”

Not only one of Joe’s favorite sayings, but also one of his strengths. He leads our technology development team with mobile-first thinking that drives functional and elegant product results.

Ask Him: “Hey, Joe. What do you know about…? Then hang on for the ride of your life as he expands your universe with knowledge and ideas.

Stacy Fuson

Director of Business Development

“How can I help you today?” “What is the vision for your company’s future?” The answers to Stacy’s questions often drive new features and functionality for our clients and for our platform.

Don’t Ask Her: “Want to play poker?” If you do, you will probably lose.

Pam Wheeler
Pam Wheeler

Director of Marketing

“Okay, let’s…” She’s an idea machine who gets things done.
Pam’s leadership is grounded in experience with teams large and small and sprinkled with humor.

Ask Her: “What did Mickey Mantle do on his 50th Birthday?”

Tom Oh


“Let me ask you this.” When you hear those words, Tom is problem-solving and engaging in the community. He is relentless at finding solutions and forming partnerships.

Ask him: “What do cigars and guitars have in common?”